How we began:

I am a boy mom.

I have 3 boys and am weeks away from giving birth to my 4th (and last) boy. I actually never saw myself as a boy mom, but 4 kids later… here I am. Being a boy mom can be tough at times. Constantly pulling off climbing babies all around me, the constant yelling, stepping on legos, dirty toilets …. the list goes on. Regardless of all of this though, I couldn’t imagine anything else. I love my boys more than life and I have officially embraced motherhood when it comes to my 4 boys. I am learning to like the cars, the bikes, the park adventures and so much more. In my quest through motherhood, I began thinking of the responsibility as a mother that have when it comes to raising my boys, especially in a blended family environment. Navigating their individual personalities and character is hard, but through that I want to raise men that are God-fearing, respectful and contributing citizens in all that they do. I want world changers, and know it takes a village. I created this group to learn from you, to share my experiences and to have a tribe of women from all walks of life, who share the same mission. We want to raise our boys to be World Changers.

I feel honored to be on this journey with you and I want to hear from you!

– Ana

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